I Went for a Workout, I Found Forever Friends

My pregnancies were tough, I mean tough. Seventy pounds tough. And transitioning into the new world of motherhood, and the new postpartum body that accompanied it, was even tougher.

 Somehow when my first child was only eight weeks old, I found the courage to try a little class called Baby Boot Camp. I was motivated by the hope that I'd regain a piece of myself again—and just get out of the house. What I didn't expect to find was a group of women who would become my best friends and help me navigate through some really challenging years ahead.

Baby boot camp night out

 You see, the secret sauce to Baby Boot Camp isn’t found in the burpees, its discovered within the deep connection of women with one goal: to better themselves—whether that be with their bodies or their babies. And those are the women I wanted in my life. Those are the women who went from being “workout friends” to the ones who brought meals to my doorstep when my husband’s heart stopped and my children were diagnosed with autism. I showed up for exercise, but they showed up for me. I don’t think there’s any other place where that kind of comradery exists.

Baby Boot Camp Frisco

 It’s hard to get your footing in your new role as a mother. Many of us lose our careers, old friendships, free time—any identifiable marker of who we once were. Baby Boot Camp was a chance for me to find myself again, and the forever friends I made in the process were a happily added bonus.

 From the owner, to the instructors, to the attendees, this group gave me fitness and friendship and I am forever indebted. Both of my children have watched their mother work out in front of them for over three years, and it makes me so proud that they know in their bones how important it is to be heathy.

kids working out at baby boot camp texas

 If you have a body, move it. It is a privilege. And preferably move it at Baby Boot Camp.

 My body, and my life, have been strengthened because of it.