Truth be told, I have to work very hard
for even my grins.

THP ToiletIrony.JPG

I have a tendency toward depression, and up until a few months ago I also had a tendency of silencing myself. I lived under the impression that if I only posted my prettiest parts (and carefully concealed my cracks), life would be grand. I could blend and be unseen. But this mentality only made me feel more isolated. I convinced myself I was out on the island of pain and suffering alone—and ultimately, that’s not the game I came to play.

So welcome to Tinkles Her Pants. My realest world.

I may live for the moments that make you laugh so hard you leak a little, but that’s not real life. Real life is hard. Real life can wreck you. Real life deserves to be done with real people. So this site, this space, is a place for me to find those people—the ones who crave authenticity as much as I do.

Here you will find all of the hard things—marriage, kids, sex, relationships, mental health, abuse—anything and everything that’s raw, and real, and hopefully relatable. You’ll also find an Instagram account that was used for many years as my private journal. I opened it the day my daughter was diagnosed with autism and never intended to make it public. So if you trace back to earlier posts, the writing is super raw. But it’s also unedited because I believe if you want to know me, you have to see it all. Even the grieving, unglamorous, painful parts.

We may not have the same experiences, but I truly believe feelings are universal. So come laugh, cry, and leak with me—and lets trade our pretending for a pantyliner.