About me.


What do you want to know about me? The surface or the real story?

Since Tinkles Her Pants is all about transparency, let's go with the latter:

At three-years-old I had already been abused and abandoned by my father. By four, my mother remarried and moved us to a small town in central Florida. Not single stoplight small, but isolated enough that my imagination had room to grow even amongst the chaos of childhood. I excelled in school; I skipped a grade. I was gifted academically, but socially always an outlier. Never bullied, but never felt true belonging. By my sophomore year I was involved in a statutory rape, even though my teen angst told me I loved him. I turned to God, I fell into public speaking and writing, I turned away. I was a serial monogamist starting at seventeen, but by my mid-twenties I found myself in Dallas, alone, knowing no one, securing a random male roommate off the Internet. He wasn’t the Craigslist killer, but rather became a true friend who found me my husband, and somehow during my first years spent single I found myself.

I married and life was grand for awhile. After two miscarriages, my angel daughter was born. Two years later, my son. Then the other shoe dropped. Six weeks after my son’s birth, I found my husband unresponsive on the floor. In the past few years we have dealt with chronic illness and autism. Sick heads, sick hearts. My old friends anxiety and depression came a knockin’, but so did my God.

These are my shape shifting moments, but there's so much more, beauty too, and I'd be amiss if I didn't mention it all. So here you will find me, the unguarded me. Here you will find truth, and humor, and at times even an unfiltered selfie. I am a teacher on some things, an eager student on most.

So let's do this, friends.

One tinkle and tear at a time.